What to Expect

Here’s how our philosophy or style works:
We help you find out truly where you are, right now, honestly, frankly, with nothing held back.Now we have a starting point. Direction is next – you need to know where you’re going, your destination.
Are we there yet? YES, but now what do we do when we get there?
We do this by ASKING a few questions, close our mouth, and then just listen and take notes like crazy.
We ask questions like:
  • What’s your passion and you’d do for free if you could?
  • What would you do if you were free from every worry, especially financially?
  • Right now, what is controlling or preventing you from moving forward?
  • What makes you different from the “plumber next door?”
  • Could you really be the millionaire next door? Why not?
  • If we were to ask your most difficult what they think about you, what would they most likely say?
  • Let’s say you don’t have a plan to succeed, what would you do first to start?
Why all the questions?
We want to understand far more than just the financial or accounting aspects of your life. By understanding more, we can help quickly.
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